Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lesson Plan Presentation

Tuesday, April 10 was the date I was scheduled to do my lesson in the classroom. It was right after Easter Break and I was really nervous about it. My first Lesson was on Alkapeonuria, but unfortunately, I had to change it to diabetes.
A few students were absent which made the activity I planned out a little difficult to understand. I was worried about the behavioral problems that normally arise in class but I feel like there weren't as many and the ones that did arise, were tackled pretty well. The lesson went great and it was a great learning experience for me and other students.
The feed back I received was great. A lot of people loved the video and the "Anticipatory set". But what really made me happy about the lesson was when many said they learned something more about the diabetes today. The peer reviews were the best. They honestly told me what I can improve and how they would have done the lesson differently. It was really helpful and if I ever have to do this lesson again, there are so many things I can work on to make the lesson even more effective.
This was a great experience and I have learned so much through the process.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Bulletin Board

On Tuesday, my partner, Leydy and I had to create a bulletin board. The topic was "Weather". At first we were really confused on what we can do with this topic. But then we decided to have the current weather of this week and a few facts on how to dress appropriately for the weather.
We were supposed to meet up on the Monday before it was due to set up the board but unfortunately, we couldn't since there was another class at that time.
So we went the next day, before class started and did out assignment.
The board came out really nice and colorful and we had a great time planning it.

Friday, February 24, 2012

End of Day 2: Digital Storytelling

So we finally have an idea on how we are doing this project. We figured the layout of the whole thing but now we have to find the pictures on the disease and dialogues or bullet points written down on a peice of paper. So before the next class, we are planning on being done with all this so we can use the software on Tuesday.

Digital Storytelling: Day 2

Since we now know what we're doing with this project, Chris and I are going to plan how we have to get information and pictures on the disease we're doing.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

End of Day 1: Digital Story

Today Chris and I decided how to create the digital story. Our topic is on a genetic disease on Alkaptonuria. We are hoping that we bring awareness about this disease through our lesson plan and digital story. We are really excited to start working on this story!!

Digital Story Day 1

Today we are starting to create a digital story.
I'm hoping it's fun.